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Educational Materials

Community Care provides educational materials to support you in your recovery and improve your overall health. You and your health and wellness are important to us.

Pharmacy Education Information

Community Care has developed a pharmacy quality improvement program to support members' recovery. The Pharmacy program provides information on various behavioral health medications. Members can also find tips and useful articles to help them manage their medications.
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Steps of Hope

Community Care has a program called "Steps of Hope" that focuses on improving your health. The Steps of Hope Program includes educational materials to support you in your efforts to self-direct, self-monitor, and participate in planning your care. There are three self-guided support programs: Recovery, Tobacco Cessation, and Weight Management.
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Wellness Resources

These resources have information about common physical and emotional conditions. Use these resources to learn more about issues that affect you. Your health and well-being may improve as you become more informed.
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Substance Use Disorder Treatment Information

Browse a list of resources providing information for persons and family members of those struggling with substance use disorder.
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Preventive Health Programs

Information about depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is available here. According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is common. It affects nearly one in 10 adults each year. ADHD affects about 5% of children according to the American Psychiatric Association.
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Behavioral Health Screening Tools

A behavioral health screening tool can help individuals recognize symptoms or concerns. Identifying issues early and getting help if needed can lead to more successful treatment and improve the chances of getting better faster.
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