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Member Help Center

Community Care is committed to helping providers by supplying online resources, downloadable newsletters and worksheets, and important information to address key member issues. Use the links below for more information.

Pharmacy Education Information

Community Care has developed a pharmacy quality improvement program to support members' recovery. The Pharmacy program provides information on various behavioral health medications. Members can also find tips and useful articles to help them manage their medications.
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Preventive Health Programs

Our preventive health programs are intended to add to the information members receive from their physician or therapist. This section includes information about depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
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Steps of Hope

This consists of a recovery program and two wellness programs to help members with Smoking Cessation and Weight Management. This section includes fact sheets, an action planning guide book, and additional resources.
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Domestic Violence Resources

This section provides links to many local and national organizations committed to addressing domestic violence, including links to resources for specific populations.
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Recovery Plan Resources

The Recovery Plan is intended to provide individuals and their support network a tangible, yet flexible, tool in their journey towards "recovery."
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Behavioral Health Screening Tools

A behavioral health screening tool can help individuals recognize symptoms or concerns. Identifying issues early and getting help if needed can lead to more successful treatment and improve the chances of getting better faster. Community Care has two of these screening programs in place.
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