HealthChoices Performance Standards

In 1999, Community Care began working with providers to develop quality standards by service type. These standards are called "Performance Standards." Each set of standards followed a unique path:

  • First, best practices ideas were shared, discussed, and compiled through a series of focus groups that included Community Care staff, network providers, county staff, and other stakeholders, including members, family members, and advocates.
  • A detailed written narrative of the standards was created.
  • Based on this final narrative, a checklist of specific and measurable goals was created.

Please carefully review the standards below. We review several standards each year and will notify the relevant providers for each standard when those reviews occur. We welcome your suggestions and input. As we work in your county, these standards will be present in many of Community Care's quality improvement activities.

Acute Partial Hospital 57 KB 6 pages PDF
Assertive Community Treatment - Modified Teams 138 KB 23 pages PDF
Best Practice Evaluations 78 KB 10 pages PDF
BHRS for Autism Spectrum Disorders 378 KB 73 pages PDF
Peer Support Services - Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) Services 1.70 MB 23 pages PDF
Clinical Telemedicine Services 58 KB 5 pages PDF
CommonGround Decision Support Centers 1.63 MB 17 pages PDF
Community Treatment Team 96 KB 14 pages PDF
Co-Occurring Disorder Competency 71 KB 8 pages PDF
Community and School Based Behavioral Health (CSBBH) Team 110 KB 16 pages PDF
Diversion and Acute Stabilization 66 KB 7 pages PDF
Drug and Alcohol Partial Hospitalization 106 KB 16 pages PDF
Enhanced Clinical Service Coordination 154 KB 11 pages PDF
Family Based Mental Health Services 109 KB 17 pages PDF
Family Focused Solution Based 94 KB 14 pages PDF
Inpatient 103 KB 8 pages PDF
Individualized Residential Treatment/Community Rehabilitation Residential Host Home 177 KB 34 pages PDF
Non-Hospital Rehabilitation 87 KB 12 pages PDF
Outpatient 75 KB 9 pages PDF
Psychiatric Rehabilitation 682 KB 28 pages PDF
Residential Treatment Facility 102 KB 15 pages PDF
School Based Outpatient 80 KB 10 pages PDF
School Based Partial Hospitalization 91 KB 13 pages PDF
Summer Therapeutic Activities Program 189 KB 33 pages PDF
Targeted Case Management 90 KB 12 pages PDF
Targeted Case Management [North Central] 323 KB 15 pages PDF

The above files are in PDF format. In order to read these files, Adobe Acrobat Reader software must be installed on your computer. If you need the Acrobat Reader, you can download it FREE from the Adobe website by clicking here. If you have any problems opening these files, go to the Adobe website from the link above and download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.