Provider Manual and Alerts

The HealthChoices Provider Manual is designed to introduce you to Community Care and provide you with phone numbers as well as instruction regarding authorizations, billing, and quality of service.

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Provider Manual
Updated July 2019 Provider Manual 914KB 84 pages PDF

Chapter 1101 of the Pennsylvania Code sets forth the Medical Assistance regulations and policies which apply to providers. Regulations specific to each type of provider are located in the separate chapters relating to each provider type. View Chapter 1101 of the Pennsylvania Code.

Throughout the year we issue Provider Alerts which are official updates to the main manual. Alerts apply to all counties except where noted.

2019 Provider Alerts
PA10 Aug-06 PA10 - TSS Schedule Form Requirement for All Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) Prescriptions Greater Than 15 Hours/Week [Bedford/Somerset] 441 KB PDF
PA09 May-30 PA09 - Notification of the Launch of Business Center in Community Care's ePortal 463 KB PDF
PA08 May-17 PA08 - Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Updates 563 KB PDF
PA07 Apr-23 PA07 - Service Location Enrollment Requirement 438 KB PDF
PA06 Mar-25 PA06 - Notification Expectations: When Children, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) or Juvenile Justice Services (JJS) Relocates a Child You Are Serving Outside Your Service Area 420 KB PDF
PA05 Mar-25 PA05 - Coordination with Single County Authority (SCA) Offices [Erie, Lycoming/Clinton, Northeast Counties] 425 KB PDF
PA04 Mar-25 PA04 - Partial Hospitalization - Changes to Administrative Billing Rules 432 KB PDF
PA03 Mar-05 PA03 - Certified Peer Support (CPS) Performance Standards 430 KB PDF
PA02 Mar-05 PA02 - Reimbursement for Interpreter Services [All Counties except Erie] 439 KB PDF
PA01 Mar-05 PA01 - Reimbursement for Interpreter Services [Erie] 440 KB PDF

The information in Provider Alerts prior to 2009 is included in the Provider Manual at the top of the page. The archive below is available for your convenience.

Archive of Provider Alerts
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