Community Care has developed Common Ground™ toolkits in collaboration with Pat Deegan, PhD.  These toolkits are designed to help consumers recover from their illnesses. Providers can use the toolkits as a guide for building on consumers’ natural strengths and reaching recovery goals.  They incorporate recovery-oriented tools into behavioral health treatment and support services.  The toolkits include a CD with the written materials, a video as to how to use the toolkit, a PowerPoint presentation with speakers notes, as well as worksheets/handouts.

Pat Deegan describes Personal Medicine ™ as “what you do,” and pill medicine as “what you take.”  In the Personal Medicine ™ Toolkit, consumers will find out how to discover Personal Medicine ™ and how it can support recovery.  Direct service staff will learn many practical and empowering strategies to help people learn to manage distressing voices, delusions and much more.  Medical staff will learn practical methods for transforming their practice in accordance with the principles of recovery.  And trainers can use the Personal Medicine ™ resources that come with this toolkit to train mental health staff.

The Personal Medicine™ Toolkit is currently available to all Community Care providers. To request a toolkit, please contact Paul Wittman.