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HealthChoices Providers

HealthChoices Provider Line: 1-888-251-2224
Available 24/7

Department / Function Phone Fax
Community Care
General Information / Main Switchboard
412-454-2120 412-454-2177
Member Services for Providers
Member Emergencies
Member Referrals
Information and Education
Member Complaints and Grievances;
888-251-2224 888-251-0087
Care Management
Acute Care/Outpatient Referrals
Notification/Registration of Treatment
Continued Stay Review Authorization
Discharge Planning
Comprehensive Case Management
Medical Determination Grievances
Questions about Utilization Management
888-251-2224 888-251-0087
Network Development and Management
Provider Applications/Contracts
Address Changes
Provider Complaints
888-251-2224 866-534-9759

Provider Reimbursement Claim Line
Status of Claims Payment
Resolution of Claims Payment
Monday through Friday
8:00AM-12:00PM; 1:00PM-4:30PM
888-251-2224 800-753-8744


Mailing Addresses

Department / Function
General Correspondence
Community Care Behavioral Health Organization
Suite 1300
339 Sixth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
HealthChoices Claims Submission
Community Care Behavioral Health Organization
P.O. Box 2972
Pittsburgh, PA 15230