About Us

Community Care Behavioral Health Organization (Community Care) is a nonprofit behavioral health managed care organization (BH-MCO) based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are a subsidiary of UPMC and part of the UPMC Insurance Services Division.

Community Care was created to support Pennsylvania’s mandatory managed care program for Medicaid recipients, called HealthChoices. Since 1999, we have delivered behavioral health services to Medicaid recipients throughout Pennsylvania. Today, we serve over 1 million HealthChoices members in more than half of Pennsylvania’s counties. Learn more about what we do.


Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the community through the delivery of effective, cost-efficient, and accessible behavioral health services. We view the HealthChoices Program as a means of reforming the human services system. Throughout our history, we have striven to improve the quality of services for members through a stakeholder partner­ship focused on outcomes. The pillar of our programs is the belief that quality is measured by the improved health and well-being of the community. In conjunction with each of the counties we serve, our goal is to offer recovery-oriented, person-centered, accessible care that reflects contemporary best practices.