• Matthew Hurford, MD

    Matthew Hurford, MD

    President and CEO, Community Care and Vice President, Behavioral Health, UPMC Insurance Services
  • Mary Doyle, MHIS

    Mary Doyle, MHIS

    Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Business Systems Innovation
  • Jamie Edwards, LCSW

    Jamie Edwards, LCSW

    Chief Clinical Administrative Officer
  • James Giammarco, CPA, MBA

    James Giammarco, CPA, MBA

    Chief Financial Officer – Medicaid Programs
  • Geoffrey Neimark, MD

    Geoffrey Neimark, MD

    Chief Medical Officer
  • Melissa Nossal, PsyD

    Melissa Nossal, PsyD

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Sherry Shaffer

    Sherry Shaffer

    Chief Government Programs Officer
  • Deb Wasilchak, MA

    Deb Wasilchak, MA

    Chief Program Officer, Community Care and Senior Vice President, Chief Clinical Administrative Officer, UPMC Insurance Services
  • Amy Herschell, PhD

    Amy Herschell, PhD

    Associate Vice President, Program Implementation and Evaluation
  • Kristin Burns

    Kristin Burns

    Senior Director, Network Relations
  • Mark Junazski

    Mark Junazski

    Senior Director, Medicaid Business Services
  • Karen Mallah, PhD

    Karen Mallah, PhD

    Senior Director, Quality Management