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About Hearing Voices Simulation Training

Developing Empathy for the Lived Experience of Psychiatric Disability: A Simulation of Hearing Distressing Voices, is a 3-hour workshop developed by Pat Deegan, Ph.D., where participants listen to a recorded lecture by Dr. Deegan about the experience of hearing voices, and then listen to a specially designed audiotape that simulates the experience of hearing voices that are distressing. While listening to the voices, participants undertake a series of mock tasks/activities including cognitive testing, social interaction in a community setting, a psychiatric emergency room interview and day treatment activities group. Through the simulation experience participants increase their understanding of the lived-experience of psychiatric disability and increase empathy for those who struggle with it, and the impact their involvement/intervention can have on a voice-hearing person. Dr. Deegan reviews research literature on voice hearing, a number of coping strategies found helpful for voice-hearers and provides guidance for working with people who hear distressing voices.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn the types and varieties of voice hearing experiences.
  • To increase empathy and understanding of the experienceof hearing distressing voices.
  • To learn more effective ways of helping people who hear distressing voices.

Who Benefits

The training has been developed and adapted for a wide range of mental health professionals, consumers, family members, community-based first responders, police officers, District Attorney's and Judges. Consumers are being trained to conduct this training around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Training Resources

Two sets of resources are available. Free materials to assist in planning sessions are available for download on this website. Other materials are available for purchase by contacting Pat Deegan. To schedule a Hearing Voices training, or for more information please contact Gina Russo.

Hearing Voices: Free Downloads

These documents are for Trainers who received “Train-the-Trainer” Hearing Voices Simulation Training from Pat Deegan, Amy Long, Gina Russo, or Paul Wittman, and are provided as supporting documents for use in advertising the training or as part of your planning efforts. Training Certificates are also awarded to trainers after they have trained a group of a minimum of 25 participants. Please contact Gina Russo directly to receive your Training Certificate.

Pat Deegan, Ph.D., Biography

Logistics Checklist

Advertising Flyer [PDF | Microsoft Word]

Sample Confirmation Letter [PDF | Microsoft Word]

Sample Script of the Voices [PDF | Microsoft Word]

Training Report Form [PDF | Microsoft Word]

Training Participant Evaluation Form [PDF | Microsoft Word]

Hearing Voices: Available for Purchase

You may purchase The Hearing Voices Training Kit directly from Pat Deegan, Ph.D. & Associates. The kit includes:

  • A DVD of Pat Deegan, Ph.D. teaching about hearing voices and how behavioral health providers, families, peers, and community members can help.
  • Forty (40) CDs of the simulated voices.
  • A manual for workshop presenters with instructions and materials needed for preparing and presenting a training.