Code of Ethics

Our Mission Statement  |  Our Values  |  Our Code of Conduct

Community Care’s Code of Ethics includes the Mission Statement, our Statement of Values, which guides the organization in achieving this Mission, and finally, our Code of Conduct. We understand that the professional behavior and actions of employees and contracted providers are critical components in successfully fulfilling our Mission. Our Values and Standards of Conduct were created to guide employees and contracted providers in carrying out their responsibilities in a lawful and ethical manner.

Mission Statement

The mission of Community Care is to improve the health and well being of the community through the delivery of effective and accessible behavioral health services. Community Care believes that the highest quality services are best provided through a not-for-profit partnership with public agencies, experienced local providers, and involved members and families. Community Care also affirms that the success of these partnerships, as well as the achievement of the organization’s goals, relies on the strong commitment of all parties involved to conduct business lawfully and ethically.