Innovative Solutions to Promote Recovery

Community Care manages behavioral health services for Medical Assistance members in more than half of the counties in Pennsylvania. We also work to improve coordination of behavioral health services in the New York Hudson River Region.

We are the largest not-for-profit behavioral health managed care organization in the country. As part of UPMC, Community Care is also the largest behavioral health insurance program to be owned by an academic medical center. At Community Care, we leverage our clinical and technological expertise and close affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Health Sciences to deliver innovative behavioral health solutions that employ new models for recovery-focused health care delivery.

This focus on recovery is unique for behavioral health managed care organizations, and Community Care is a national leader in implementing recovery initiatives from a health benefits perspective. To facilitate this work, we have created a Recovery Learning Collaborative that includes approximately 50 agencies across the counties in which we work.

Some of Our Innovative Solutions

  • A new model for children's services

    Community Care implemented a new and highly regarded clinical program for children that provides a "clinical home" in school settings. With the clinical home model, children receive behavioral health services in a school-based setting.

    The program is based on collaboration with schools, families, and government. The program identifies and treats children in school and home settings and seeks to ensure that all care is coordinated and aimed toward consistent outcomes. The ultimate goal is to keep children in the community by successful interventions in the school.

  • Helping Families Raise Healthy Children

    Helping Families Raise Healthy Children is a 3 year cross-system quality improvement initiative in Allegheny County designed to change the way our local systems of care work so that families with or at risk for caregiver depression and early childhood developmental delays can receive the support and services they need to lead healthier lives.

    Working together, families, health care practitioners, early intervention specialists, and social service providers from over 30 local organizations will change the way care is provided so that families' most urgent needs are met, parental stress is reduced, and the overall functioning of the family improves.

    Click here to learn more about our Healthy Children Initiative.

  • Pharmacy Quality Initiatives

    Community Care has developed a comprehensive pharmacy quality improvement program to support our members' recovery. The Pharmacy quality improvement program uses a variety of strategies to improve the quality of behavioral health medication treatment for our members. There is strong focus on implementation of best practices, shared decision making processes between prescribers and members, and care coordination.

    Community Care has committed significant resources to its Pharmacy Quality Improvement work. Program Staff include psychiatrists, pharmacists, and data analysts.

    Click here to learn more about key Pharmacy Quality Initiatives.

  • Steps of Hope

    Community Care has developed a program called Steps of Hope to enhance services for adult members. The goal of the program is to improve the lives of the members we serve. We hope to do this by supporting members in their efforts to self-direct, self-monitor, and participate in planning their care. Members can access educational materials on our website that encourage them to embrace wellness and take an active role in recovery planning.